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Once upon a time a curious son came to his father and started asking a variety of questions. The boy was growing up far, far away from his extended family and only had his parents and internet to find answers. What is climate change, dad? Why do people get angry when they discuss it? Why do people divorce? Why nobody from family calls up? Why did we move away from India? Why are our grandparents all by themselves? Why do you come sad from work? Why are you angry?

Why, when, how became the favourite terms that mattered to him.

The father was worried. He and his wife did not know all the answers and it was not ideal to allow the child to rely on the internet to find answers. What about the child’s social skills? Is gaming while sitting on the couch the answer? Is just providing books to read and not discussing them the answer? The books have changed as well and so have the characters.  What was teen yesterday is today’s pre-teen. There is nothing really for the 7 to 12 year old children today.

The father thought that the best way to satisfy his son’s curiosity will be to talk through stories. That is how moonstruck dad was born. That is why the YouTube. The father and son duo answer each other’s queries through creative art – illustration, stories and books.  This is the YouTube channel.

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moonstruck dad is conversation between a father and son. These conversations include stories based on the father’s experience and any resemblance is purely coincidental. They do not really have gadgets and professional training as such to make these videos/audios/stories perfect. However, they have strong and noble intent. They want to  be positive and want to make a positive impact on the families because they feel a lot of parents and children have same queries and same problems where they want answers.

As we started moonstruck dad, we realised parents started connecting to us. So did some teachers. We started becoming more responsible and curious. We started discussing not just stories and the nostalgia but also events and things which we think matter – however with a dash of childlike innocence.

We hope you like and support moonstruck dad as well and subscribe to our YouTube channel. We hope to make a difference to lot of people and children through moonstruck dad.

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(c) Tanmoy Chakrabarti

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