Remembering Ray

Here is remembering Satyajit Ray on his birthday. Among many legendary works of his, I believe Hirak Rajar Deshe (Available on Amazon Prime) is most relevant today.

Sahir Ludhianvi

Today is poet Sahir Ludhianvi’s birthday. I am no expert on Sahir’s work and neither do I know lot of trivia about his songs. However, like many music lovers I have been touched by his words through beautiful compositions over the years. While the mention of Sahir reminds most music lovers of Pyaasa (S.D. Burman),…

Where the mind is without fear

In a world where democracy and freedom of expression is continuously being challenged, Rudra and I were discussing the relevance of Tagore’s poem. He was kind enough to recite it for me here. The words speak for themselves. A poem that was written in 1900 continues to be ever relevant.