I have grown-up in an independent India and have taken my freedom for granted. To the world, India may be an emerging economy but to me the country is defined by the extreme resilience of its people both in India and outside.  I am sure the crisis too shall pass, but any such crisis reminds us that we should not miss the opportunity to be empathetic to each other, when we can. At the end of the day, very small humane actions can go a long way to ensure smiles, save lives. This crisis has blurred all the bridges that we create of money, power, culture, caste etc. and have demonstrated that all that humans want is to live safely, happily.

I’m aware that all of us have differences of opinion on the establishment, political systems, lockdown, way the issue is managed (or should be managed) but I am sure we shall all agree that all of us want to live or better not die begging for our lives. Somehow it appears circumstances are such, exactly that is what is happening.

This is not the time to settle scores and defending the undefendable, but it is time to rise beyond creating storms on social media with unnecessary debates and do something worthwhile. Even caring for a grieving person is doing something worthwhile!

I’ll always believe that the political ideology, cast, colour, creed, socio-economic status of the hand that pulls you from the edge does not matter and therefore, let’s ensure we support each other.

We will fight this together, but it will require collective effort. This is the best thing you can do for your country and for the world.

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