Posted by: Tanmoy Chakrabarti | June 9, 2014

Sound of pleasure

This was the time when we used to come to Calcutta from Sodepur by riding the green local trains over the weekend. I was very young. More often than not the trains will be crowded but somehow we could squeeze into some seats. While the train ride and the vistas seen from outside the window were fairly entertaining for a young me, but sometimes some absolutely –out-of-the world things made the journey all the more exciting. Dalimer Hajmi (or Dalim’s digestive pills) was one such addition that made the journey a bit extra-special. Dalim’s Hajmi used to be soft, hairy and relatively large considering it was called a pill. I am not sure what it was made off and why he had sprinkling of some yellow dust on its black, ugly, hairy body, but it tasted amazing. It was tangy and sour. I never had more than one at a time, but then that one gave me immense pleasure.

If pleasure had a sound then it was “ullhus” that time. Don’t ask me to teach you this particular sound, because it came straight out of a young heart. Give me a Dalim Hajmi made in 1980’s, you would have the privilege of “ullhus-ing”.



  1. This one was really ‘ullhus’ to read, Tanmoy, thank you. Brought back some uber pleasant memories of my own childhood…


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