Posted by: Tanmoy Chakrabarti | May 20, 2013

A peek into the weather

I know I whine about Auckland winter (and rains) whenever I get an opportunity. Actually, I love the cold but I don’t like the rain and wind. It can get really unbearable here. This year, I have decided that I will try and deal with my frustration about the weather differently. As a first step, I have decided to take more photos of the streets, which consequently means that we go out more often on wet weekends. There will be days; I know when the wind will prevent us from enjoying but why not give it a try. I am hoping this step will eventually lessen my frustration.

So here are a few from the streets around where we live.

Things are going to get much colder, wetter and windier.

















 Yes – if you are wondering then let me clarify my son and I have similar shoes. 



  1. Nice set of photos! One thing I love about these countries are the clean empty roads. Such a welcome sight.

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