Posted by: Tanmoy Chakrabarti | May 6, 2013

Onset of winter

The Auckland wet weather is back and going by the look of things, we have stepped into the usual wet and cold winter. This is back of a very special summer. While for the farmers the summer was definitely prolonged but I am sure families enjoyed the sunny days. We did too.

 As I have been writing we travelled quite a bit during the summer and while I have written about all the major travels, we made it a habit not to miss out on the sun. Now that the winter thrusts itself upon us, we have to get used to enjoying the incessant rains and worse – the wind.

 The day we reached Auckland for the first time, we were so overwhelmed with the beauty of the city that even the rain and chill did not affect us. As one gets habituated with a place one tends to get over the honeymoon period slowly. Consequently, the wet/ cold weather don’t excite us any longer and we tend to complain all the time.  However, we have tried and tested that whining does not help in anyway.

 Interestingly, Auckland weather has changed dramatically in these five years. Every year, I feel a little colder and wetter. In fact, in 2008, I was wearing just wearing a pullover and a normal Indian suit to work. The following year, I bought a pure wool vest to help me. Subsequently, I bought merino wool vests to wear inside, merino suit for work, woollen socks and a big down jacket for informal use (the one which I used to laugh at as it makes you look like a huge puffy drum) and this weekend after discussing for five years, I finally bought an overcoat. I will hold the climate change responsible for all these and you may say I am getting older. Let’s settle for both happening at the same time.

 Honestly though, Auckland has become colder and wetter. Last time, I saw a water sprout (I wish I could take a photo when I saw it but I was too stunned) at the harbour and there was a deadly tornado too.  It even snowed a little, err…a very little.

 In all these I must say, one Indian e product has relentlessly offered me extremely good service. That is my umbrella, manufactured by Mahendra lal dutt (from good old Calcutta). New Zealand is an island on the Pacific and usually it is extremely windy. Most people use the large golf umbrellas here. One is extremely lucky if an umbrella lasts one season, if used regularly! My M.L.Dutt umbrella has lasted four seasons of regular use. It is not even a golf umbrella. This season, I have granted a retirement to my umbrella and replaced it with another M.L.Dutt manufactured one. I am surprised, proud and I wonder whether they export their products or not?


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