Posted by: Tanmoy Chakrabarti | May 1, 2013

Random days

The other day one of my very young colleagues joined back work after a month long holiday trip that covered parts of Hong Kong, China, Japan and India. I was excited to hear about her experiences and also a little jealous. In New Zealand, most students out of the university venture out for their “overseas experience (OE)” where mostly they work and travel for 2 years or more.  It helps that NZ passports enables them to get work and travel visas easily in many countries! A few, who don’t do their OE, travel on their own.

I remember when my cousin (born and raised in UK) and I finished our graduations (we are same age), I was already preparing for my post graduation entrance tests, while he chose to take a break for one year to travel. I felt miserable that time.

Anyway, the post is not about my whining. I was actually remembering a few first days of my life and thought that I should key them in.

When I was around five, our family moved to Calcutta from the small town of Sodepur. I still remember how excited I was coming to the big city. I was excited to see so many buses and relished the opportunity to travel on them.

Then the very first day in St. Lawrence was a memorable one too. Those of you who are not familiar, the Lawrence campus in Calcutta is pretty big and of course intimidating for a 6 year old. I remember being in tears when I could not find my parents at the end of the first day.

The day we moved to Durgapur was exciting too. I was probably around 12 or 13 and my father talked quite impressively about Durgapur to me. I still remember while he drove us from the Durgapur railway station to the DSP Township we crossed the “bhawani pathak tila (hilltop)” and boy, I was excited seeing that. Durgapur Township was beautiful. I had never seen such beautiful roads and street marks before. We moved to Aurobindo Avenue and it was indeed a beautiful day. The house provided by my father’s office though very old, had lawns. It was fascinating to be able to live in a spacious house.

I disliked the day I reached Delhi to join JNU for my post-graduation. I was in my early 20’s and disliked the Delhi summer and generally everything about the city. I don’t like Delhi even now.

I was overawed the day we reached Auckland in 2008. It was a rainy day but we were impressed by everything we say that day. We were picked up by a well-dressed and behaved Indonesian driver from the airport and driven to our apartment in central Auckland. The apartment was on the top floor (it was a “penthouse”) with fabulous view of the harbour. After freshening up, we had coffee and sandwich in a nearby cafe. Then we walked and discovered the nearest supermarket. We came back and my wife cooked a lovely meal. It felt so good. 


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