Posted by: Tanmoy Chakrabarti | April 6, 2013

Sydney – II – Sydney Harbour


Sydney harbour is crowded. Since it was an Easter weekend, I am sure it had more people than usual but nevertheless given that it is a big city, a bustling harbour side would not be unexpected. In my travels within India, I have never had the opportunity to see water as blue as I see in this part of the world. The combination of blue water and clear sky, made the view outstanding. I would have preferred a bit of solitude but cannot really complain.

The view of the Sydney Harbour is obviously dominated by the view of Sydney Harbour bridge and the Sydney Opera House. The harbour has numerous eateries that are quite expensive, it has got a shopping mall which we avoided, it has got a few tourist places such as the aquarium, it has the ferry terminal, a train station, a monorail station and lot of space where people could sit. There were also lot of activities all around such as street performances.


As far as we were concerned, we took long walks and captured the scene on our cameras.








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