Posted by: Tanmoy Chakrabarti | January 3, 2013

Soaking up the Sun

The yearlong wait for the New Zealand summer is worth the wait, just because the bright sunny days of Auckland are exceptionally beautiful. While we did not make big planned trips (so far), we are ensuring we soak up the sun as much as we can in and around Auckland for the summer is only brief.

 DSCN0288The sea is very close to our place, but these days kicking around a football in the Auckland domain, is really popular in our household. We also visited our usual hangouts such as Zoo, Museum and Art Gallery. There is something new every time we visit these places so we can never get bored of them. I think we visited the zoo more than six or seven times last year! Yes, we have a yearly entry pass like most parents who have kids.  But yes, there is something new every time we visit such places. For instance, the zoo has recently introduced a sea-lion feeding session for the summer, the Museum (which is free for Aucklanders) is hosting a wildlife photography exhibition and the Art Gallery (which is also free apart from some special shows) is also displaying some new creations. There are plenty of places to walk around these places and we love that.cropped-2012-12-29_14-30-53_288.jpg

 Normally, we hardly ever eat outside all year long. In fact, we avoid eating outside. However, this time we decided to indulge into some food from outside. As a result we tasted Thai curries, Japanese teppanyaki, Chinese Yum Char and yes after a while South Indian dosas. We are yet to taste Fish and Chips this summer.

 Yes, after a while I visited a movie theatre to watch “The Hobbit” and “The Life of Pi” in 3D.

 As I get ready to start working again, I wish the summer was longer here.


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