Posted by: Tanmoy Chakrabarti | December 25, 2012

Waiheke Island

After a long while we packed our bags to spend couple of nights outside Auckland. The trip to Waiheke Island was planned late and we were lucky to get a place booked for our stay. A mere 40 minutes ferry ride from Auckland harbour, Waiheke is famous for its beaches as well as vineyards.  While we did not have much time at our disposal to visit the vineyards, we spent all our time in some of the best Waiheke beaches.

So what did we do?

We stayed in a bed & breakfast, nestled in beautiful green bush. The owners baked delicious chocolate chip muffins for us to greet us on our arrival. After having a sumptuous meal at a local Thai restaurant, we spent time at Oneroa Beach.  Day two was mostly the same as we visited the town and another of the Waiheke beaches, the Palm Beach. The owners on the second day, treated us with a variety of homemade cookies and this time Blueberry muffins.

Being a small island town, Waiheke is greener and pollution free in comparison to Auckland. For us, who did not venture out at all this year, it was a welcome break. 




  1. Lovely photos, Tanmoy. My blessings on the child. I have put up some travel pix on my blog too.

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