Posted by: Tanmoy Chakrabarti | December 20, 2012

Christmas closure

Christmas closure is a big event in office. Everyone is wrapping up outstanding work, attending to clients and chasing bills. At the same time, the pod decorating competitions are on, colleagues are buying ‘secret santa’ gifts for each other and the graduates are planning the yearly Christmas event. It is indeed quite eventful. After today, our office (like many more offices) would be closed for a couple of weeks.

Christmas, of course is New Zealand’s biggest event. Though some here wish for a winter Christmas but I guess the bright and sunny summer that New Zealand is normally gifted with makes the holiday season even more special.

I love the break. When I was in India, I struggled to take long leave from my office and I quite like the fact that in New Zealand it is encouraged that this one time of the year, everyone should take a break.

What are my plans? Well, we have not planned any big trips as such but as I said there is quite a bit of activities in and around Auckland to do. I think we would use the time to enjoy those and yes, be more frequent in updating this blog.

I sincerely wish the coming year is good for most people around the world.



  1. I have just written a ‘closure’ post for the year too, Tanmoy. Good luck to you and yours, and have a happy holiday. I shall be leaving the day after tomorrow for ours.

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