Posted by: Tanmoy Chakrabarti | November 19, 2012

“Woolly Poles” Day

Woolly Poles

We spent some time this weekend at the Davenport Art Festival. Thanks to my wife, this time not just as visitors. She was part of the “Woolly Poles” team.

At first, when she told me what they were doing I would be honest that I did not understand. In fact, my knowledge of knitting was restricted to my mother knitting jumpers for me when I was a kid and now my mother-in-law knitting jumpers for my little son. I have never been to any knitting exhibition ever.

So I waited patiently to attend the “Woolly Poles” day.

As it was raining heavily and we had to take a ferry to reach Davenport, we wondered whether it makes sense to take my son along. Thankfully good sense prevailed and we dared the rains.

“Woolly Poles”, as the name says was to cover the poles of Davenport with wool. As you would see in this blog –, various people from across the world sent their knitting contributions for the event. These knitted yarns were arranged to cover the poles. It looked colourful and lovely.

The vibrant colours of wool reminded me of the streets of Rajasthan, India!

Participation was voluntary in the event, so the few creative souls, who dared the annoying rains to visit the event, were busy sewing. As far as I am concerned, I appreciated the colours, creativity and the spirit of all those who conceived, hosted, coordinated and managed the event.

Knitting, is very much part and parcel of growing up in a Bengali household in India. Most of us growing up in the late 70’s and 80’s have seen our mothers, grandmothers and elderly aunts knit. May be because it is so common, knitting never really gets its due as an art form.

I felt my wife’s association with such a beautiful event in a far away land and our attending such an event was our way of respecting all those women, who kept this art alive in Bengal but never really got their due recognition.

A big hurrah to the artists who knit.


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