Posted by: Tanmoy Chakrabarti | July 5, 2012

Satyen Bose

With the discovery of Higgs-Boson particle, I expect that there will be a surge of discussions in India on Satyen Bose.  Even before this discovery of Higgs-boson, I have always wondered how unfortunate it was for Bose to miss out on a Nobel Prize for his contribution to Physics. He is not even a Bharatratna.

Nevertheless, I feel proud today. True, we Bengalis are overly sentimental about these things but in modern day history there have been only very few such occasions where we could celebrate such successes.

In fact, everyday outside of India, you would realise how the world views India in reality (mostly negatively) and when on top of that only a selected few know of people like Satyen Bose, it pains. With current events in the country, we are absolutely not doing enough to change ourselves.  

I feel a bit more proud personally because my father got the opportunity to receive Satyen Bose’s blessings while receiving an award from him.


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