Posted by: Tanmoy Chakrabarti | December 13, 2011

..yet again

The AMRI incident shocked me and the revelations that are coming out of it of rampant gross negligence are more shocking. Incidents such as that happened at AMRI scares me to say the least. Most people who have come in close proximity to the hospital it seems anticipated something majorly wrong happening there. That is scarier. While our negativity about certain things used to be reflective of our individual cynicism some years ago but now we have changed to accept and anticipate everything negative.

While the country battles various political battles, crusades on streets, big personalities clashing with each other in parliament and outside of it, builds walls to pragmatic economic decisions etc, one thing seems to have been forgotten – the human life that resides in a nation is important too. Adding to the long list of Bhopal gas tragedy, Uphaar Cinema, BMW incident, Kasab trial, Nithari killings and many more, I hope that AMRI does not remain one of those inconclusive “accidents”.

Not sure whom I want to see punished or accounted for – but I just hope when anyone goes to a hospital or places such as those, they don’t fear that they may die because of collective negligence. They go with lot of hope that they will be taken care and their family members get assurance.



  1. What are your thoughts on the recent back down by the govt to let foreign supermarkets, like Walmart, enter India?

    The benefits would have been enormous for the indian consumer, particularly the poor who would have better access to cheaper food and farmers who have more customers.

    Should those responsible, namely the BJP and entrenched “family owned” retailers, be punished as they are indirectly responsible for the continued impoverishment of millions of poor indians?

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