Posted by: Tanmoy Chakrabarti | July 18, 2011

On Handwriting..

Suvro da’s recent note and the article shared in his comment box by Joydeep suddenly made me a bit worried. Yes, I must admit that I take time to accept changes and the abolition of handwriting or as the author of the article puts it “outsourcing our brains to the cloud” are in my mind drastic changes to accept.

As I type this post on my computer, I remember telling my mother only last month that how I wish that too much typing did not make my Bangla handwriting bad and I could continue writing her handwritten letters as I used to do. I never knew my admission will be my first step to make handwriting extinct from my life. I do not want to do that, so shall definitely continue to write.

Handwriting had an impact on my upbringing. My paternal grandmother always found time to write innumerable letters to various people. This encouraged everyone in my father’s side to write too. My maternal grandmother passed away when my mother was just six years old. However, even though she passed away young, she left a treasure of nicely written short stories, poetry and letters. Hence, much before I was admitted to a primary school, I was writing.

Writing was not just an integral aspect of my life but also a favourite pastime. Not only did I write letters to people but I also tried helping in any job at home that involved writing. The thought of schools slowly phasing out writing is undoubtedly sad.

However, I must say I should have expected this to happen. These days, reading as well as writing for people is not that exciting any longer. While the new gadgets are designed to make life easier but then people complain of lack of time when it comes to reading or writing. I wonder whether it will make our minds weaker, if our reliance on gadgets has not already made them so.

Not sure of the repercussions (may be the change is for better) at this stage. I am just stunned, as always. I think I will reflect some more on this post.



  1. Thanks for writing this, Tanmoy. Glad that I could prod you into writing something on the same subject. As we can guess from the comments that have come in on my blogpost already, handwriting is not going to become entirely obsolete in a hurry!… and I pity all those people who never learn it at all in school. God help them in situations when they are not carrying computers and printers and spare batteries in their pockets…

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