Posted by: Tanmoy Chakrabarti | May 4, 2011 world

I vividly remember watching the September 11, 2001 attacks on television as they happened. We were shocked in disbelief like the entire world.

Remembering that day still sends shivers down my spine. So does remembering every other terror attacks that has plagued India and other parts of the world. Even though we have accepted this violence as part of our modern existence but still it affects me. It affects me even more when in India; I see cases involving the perpetrators of massacres drag on for ages. Some of them never conclude. It is so unfair.

As we stepped into the second decade of the new millennium, I wondered whether the world was impacted by any big events other than the Tsunami, Earthquakes, 9/11 and wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. I could not find any which impacted lives positively. Forgive my ignorance but if you can remind me of some then I would be grateful.

2011 seem to have repeated the trend the earlier decade exhibited. Natural calamities with disastrous effects, adverse impact of nuclear advancement, wars and uprisings in Middle East (perhaps for better, may be in the long run?) and lastly which make me cringe – unbridled celebration on the assassination of a mass-murderer.

The impact of the assignation of bin Laden on the victims of his atrocities is huge. I understand the human sentiments of revenge and the eventual closure of one chapter. I am happy too with the assassination of the person who claimed responsibility of killing so many.

However, I still felt little uncomfortable seeing so many people celebrating a death on the streets. May be that is the way it should be. May be a celebration is an outburst of anger and grief that was kept within so many people for so long and humans need such outbursts.

Whatever, it may be it is a new world and it is better all of us get accustomed to its ways. Here we get used to killings and deaths, revenge and celebration of revenge. It is like a arena where either we save ourselves from murders or avenge the murderers.


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