Posted by: Tanmoy Chakrabarti | February 23, 2011

Christchurch again..

When we visited Christchurch in 2009, we thought it was one of the most beautiful cities that we had visited. Yes, unlike the modern day cities, it is neither big nor tall. However, its serenity, the Avon river middle of its business district, the Art’s centre and the general buzz around its famous Cathedral Square impressed us. There would be very few cities in the world like Christchurch, whose downtown would be as beautiful. We vowed to come back again, in love of Christchurch.

My last post on Christchurch in 2009

In the last six months Christchurch has seen two major earthquakes and nearly thousand big/small aftershocks. Whilst the last earthquake in September 2010, did not lead to lives being lost but there were massive destructions nevertheless. As the city was coming to grips with the destruction caused in September and following aftershocks, yesterday’s earthquake in Christchurch would definitely lead to loss of lives and much more destructions. The Cathedral and the Art’s Centre (pictures of which were in my last post on Christchurch) are destroyed and so are various other buildings. The downtown is majorly affected and there are speculations whether it would ever be rebuilt. The city’s landscape has changed completely in last six months and now nature is threatening to dent the confidence of its people forever.

There are undoubtedly big differences as to how disasters are dealt with in India and in New Zealand, but one thing perhaps remains constant – the need for people to remain courageous and together in times of adversity and prayers.

I wish everyone in Christchurch well. The destructions have shocked me may be more so because I have visited the city, loved the city and have friends in the city. I sincerely hope the city is rebuilt and happy people throng its streets yet again. We want to visit Christchurch too with our family – soon.


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