Posted by: Tanmoy Chakrabarti | August 1, 2010

Good luck, Rhiju

I am not sure whether purists will laud Srijit Mukherji’s first directional venture on the celluloid. In fact, to be completely honest personally even I am not sure whether I will like his film. However, if I want to like a movie desperately then it is Srijit’s movie. In reality, I have never ever looked forward to any movie like I am looking forward to this one. I want to like this movie because Srijit is an old friend of mine who deserves to be successful.

I have known him for quite a long while now. It is not that we were the best buddies who live and die for each other but whenever I have had opportunity to get into a discussion with Srijit, I have enjoyed it. There were a few commonalities between in us in terms of our tastes in music, movies, sports and to some extent literature. We have had strong differences too and both of us were quite open about it to each other but I thought we had a mutual admiration about each other’s choices.

There was a time when both of us were in our first jobs and we used to meet quite often for a few drinks at a weird bar in Defense Colony, Delhi and discuss our individual frustrations. We used to tell the barman to play our favorite music too. It may sound clichéd but in those days, I always feared that Srijit would remain an underachiever like many people we meet. Thankfully he did not. Of course, this post of mine shows how happy I am for him that he is trying himself out in the arena where he truly belongs.

I am sure he has worked hard. He always possessed immense talent in this regard and now he has shown that he had the courage to go ahead leave his safe job to do what he believed to be right. I have read a couple of plays written by him, heard a few songs written by him and they show a lot of promise.

Though he has a lot of influential friends in his pursuits, many people who are in awe of him and lot better friends than I am but I am sure time and again his path will be laced with difficulties but if someone can sail through them it surely has to be him.

I am feeling a trifle sad that I cannot watch his film or listen to his music or have a grand session discussing these things with him. Who knows he may soon become inaccessible? I am not even sure he will care to send me a music cd and DVD to watch!

Having said that, all my and my family’s wishes are with him for the good days as well as the tough days that lie ahead of him. Do let me know, Rhiju if I can help you in anyway in those times.

Srijit’s debut Bengali movie Autograph is due to release in September 2010. Here is a trailer.



  1. Good luck to your friend! I will try to catch a version with subtitles if possible!

  2. It was great to read that little bit of news in yesterday’s ‘The Telegraph’ about the music launch programme of the film directed by your friend Srijit Mukherjee. He has already made a name for himself in his directorial debut, ‘Autograph’ roping in such celebrities as Proshenjit and Nandana Sen. In fact, the Tollyhood hero has sung paeans about the film’s ‘flawless script’ and this very emphatically endorses (if that was, in any way, required by a remote stroke of fancy) Riju’s mercurial creative impulses which earlier found expression in the superb skits he stage-crafted, innovatively tweaking the stories of Pheluda. I learnt that that these stories with smart scripts, a dash of unconventionality and unpredictable twists were read to appreciable audiences in Bangalore but didn’t quite find serious takers in Bengal! Sigh!

    Incidentally, this remarkably talented guy is the son of my dada’s senior friend Samaresh Mukherjee, retired Professor of Architecture, JU, who, as you may be knowing, is also of a maverick kind and an extremely creative soul at that, having pioneered, among others, the concept and execution of PLVA (Permanent Low Cost Vernacular Architecture). It was such a pleasant surprise and so very heartening to read your note about Rijhu and I join you, Tanmoy, in extending all the best wishes to him.

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