Posted by: Tanmoy Chakrabarti | March 13, 2010


When the television channel NDTV Imagine, which associates itself with India’s most prominent news channel brand NDTV, promoted a tainted person like Rahul Mahajan to get married the second time, I felt insulted. There were sponsors galore, contestants, media hype, song and dance everything happening for a person whose claim to fame is a drug abuse case and a bad marriage. Further, people came to know of him only after his father who was a famous politician was unfortunately killed by a member of his own family. Till now, I don’t think Rahul has done anything noteworthy to make a name for himself. I don’t think he has worked hard either even though there have been repeated interviews of his where he talked of “his struggle”.

I felt insulted because I remembered all those Indian youngsters who toil hard to study in a competitive environment, work harder to get a job, work day in and day out to become successful in different areas and yet to some extent remain perpetual underachievers. The money spent on creating pedestals for the likes of Rahul Mahajan, if spent on other noble causes could have helped many such people. Even the NDTV owners could have started a school with that kind of money, if they wanted to!

I have no problems against this guy getting married again etc. Let him live his life. However, I do have issues with the promotion/support/sponsors that he received to be what he is. To me television hit one of its all time low with such a show and I prefer even feeding on pornography than this kind of spectacle. My respect for the group that runs the channel went down considerably. Bunch of hypocrites.



  1. Sort of goes to show that in the end, they are bothered more about TRP ratings than common sense and decency isn’t it? Because, the human race in general loves to gorge on insipid gossip and such news… many people are out there who actually feel revolted at such doings?

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