Posted by: Tanmoy Chakrabarti | March 3, 2010


Every day I am sure bizarre cases get filed in Indian courts about smallest of things. However, India does not take pride in speedy settlement of court cases. I am sure we rank one of the worst in the world when it comes to court cases being settled.

I am sure factors such as much lesser population, better systems and of course paranoia surrounding “suing” someone does ensure New Zealand court has speedy settlements. If that is not true, then cases such as this one reported here would not got media coverage.



  1. India has vast legal problems, all right, but it has its share of utterly bizarre cases, too, as our newspapers frequently highlight (such as whether or not a goat may be regarded and fined as a legal person if it travels in a railway passenger compartment). But this nutcase is in a class of his own. I know a lot of people who are either uncomfortable in clothes or prefer the most outlandish kinds of clothes in this country too, but few would carry their preferences so far. And in this case I am conservative enough to say that beyond a point long-established social norms ought to be respected if civilisation is to survive at all. Let the fellow stay in the buff all day long inside his house – provided his family does not object – but outside, no. If I were a judge I’d put a restraining order on him, and tell him to seek psychiatric counsel. There are countless healthier ways of ‘expressing one’s individuality’… next thing these freaks will want is to shit in public. And India will at last be culturally vindicated (I wrote something about this on my own blog: it’s titled ‘Shame’.)

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