Posted by: Tanmoy Chakrabarti | February 6, 2010

Mt. Maunganui

Public holidays are scarce in New Zealand and this year we are losing out on two. Thus, we knew in advance that we had to make the most of the Auckland Anniversary weekend, which was last week. With this is mind; we decided to make a short trip to Mt. Maunganui.

The Mount

Mt. Maunganui, is a town in the Bay of Plenty, New Zealand, located on a peninsula to the north of the neighbouring city Tauranga. It boasts of an extinct volcanic cone that rises above the town (nothing new as far as New Zealand is concerned). Wikipedia says that, according to Maori legend, this hill was a pononga [slave] to a mountain called Otanewainuku. It is colloquially known in New Zealand simply as The Mount. The town also a vibrant surfing beach and is a popular destination for surfers and swimmers alike. In all, there was much to feel excited about.

It took us two and half hours to reach the Mount and though we started off under a very sunny and hot afternoon, by the time we reached a cyclone had hit the North Island (the ever treacherous New Zealand weather). So, it was raining and we knew the ‘sun bathing’ part of our trip is gone. However, we were not very eager to waste our trip. So, as soon as we checked in to our apartment, we headed to buy an umbrella and yes, we were ready to take on the town.


This is the first time; I have been to such a rough beach. I was amazed how surfers were taking on the rough waves to enjoy the sport. I enquired and found out that a major part of the sea here is notoriously dangerous. It seemed so too. For us though, there was ample opportunity to enjoy the sea and the mount. Sadly, because of the continuous rains we could not climb the mountain but one thing about New Zealand is, even if you cannot do one thing, you have at least something else to enjoy. So, we watched the skilled surfers on the beach for hours.

Interestingly, the Mount had some brilliant eateries. I have enjoyed the food to the extreme. In fact, for the first time in New Zealand, we had ‘goat meat roganjosh’ (known as mutton roganjosh in India). In fact, Bombay Brasserie in the Mount served such delicious food, that we over ate quite a bit.


Yes, it was not the ideal trip thanks to the weather that was beyond our control, but we saw a brilliant ocean at its best, we climbed some smaller hills on the beach, we got drenched like children enjoying the first rains, we ate quite good food, we stayed in a very good apartment near the town centre and we relaxed. What more could we have asked for?

The short trip would surely take us to Mount once more and that too soon. It is one of the best white sand beaches one would visit.

For the time being here are some pictures from the trip.

Ocean is addictive

Another view - I can go on like this

The umbrella had a day's life - thanks to the wind



  1. Lovely pictures accompanied by a lively commentary. Thanks, Tanmoy.

  2. The pictures are amazing 🙂 I have learnt more about New Zealand on your blog than I learnt all the previous years put together. There is this one particular picture titled surfers, it is awesome and so is the one with the umbrella. Seasoned surfers regularly do prefer the more violent beaches I think, something about the water forming a perfect pipeline! Write more on NZ, I would love to read 🙂
    And oh, I have very bravely started a new blog only for books, (silly URL, I know). do check it out 🙂

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