Posted by: Tanmoy Chakrabarti | January 18, 2010

Summer Fruits

Last summer around this time we did the spectacular Tongariro tramping. This time too we intend to make short trips nearby but we would not be repeating Tongariro. Tongariro still remains my most memorable travel experience. Today I was again revisiting the photographs from that trip. I was spellbound.

When I was in Delhi, I hated summer. However, in New Zealand that is the time I love. I doubt whether summer is anywhere so special as it is here. The days are bright, there are happy people all around, loads of lovely food and there is a sense of enthusiasm among people. It is neither too hot nor too cold. As long the sun screen lotion is there, life can only be brighter. I really feel sad for those friends of mine who are suffering in intense cold this time.

Cucumber Apple

Previously too, I had talked about food in New Zealand. In New Zealand, people love to eat out especially in summer to enjoy the warmth of sun. In summer, supermarket visits are much more worthwhile too. One gets a wide variety of fruit and vegetables to choose from. Not just the supermarkets but visiting the street markets is an enjoyable experience. Fruitlovers (I am not one!) get to buy a variety of fruits. In New Zealand we have found and tasted quite a few new fruits such as kiwifruit, green apples, avocado, feijoa, white peaches, apricots, plum, cherries, raspberries. Even the bananas, oranges, apples, watermelons and red grapes that are found here quite huge. Some of these fruits if at all found in India will surely be expensive. Though I don’t love fruits I do enjoy discovering new ones and buying them.

The other day, we bought another new fruit known as Cucumber Apple from the supermarket. This one looked like a “light green apple-cum-lemon”. We were not sure though whether we should have it as an apple or a cucumber. Not surprisingly, it turned out to be more like a cucumber.

As the summer progresses, we would find some more new fruits for sure.


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