Posted by: Tanmoy Chakrabarti | January 13, 2010

A friend in need

Sadly enough the current status of the Ruchika Girhotra case has not surprised me. In India, horribly enough so many innocents have faced situations similar to Ruchika and so few of them have got justice. What is sadder that we are getting used to the fact that such incidents keep on happening, we are scared to go to police on them and if finally we go to police and the court, we are not sure whether we would get justice in our lifetime. Indian police never really had the “friend of the people” image and that is why civilians are unusually scared to report any crime to them. A visit to an Indian police station, for any kind of work is not something which an Indian would normally like to do for reasons which are valid. If that is our attitude towards police which police even don’t intend to amend then how can we expect judiciary to ultimately help us get justice.

Thankfully, these days the Indian media rightfully takes up the onus to raise awareness among people, populate public response and help people take a stance in some criminal cases. Whilst at times media’s role has been criticised to be biased but I guess it is very difficult not to get biased in such situations, against apparent criminals (yes, as lawyers would say yet to be convicted). At the end of the day, someone needs to prick the collective conscience.

In all these, I found Aradhna Gupta’s and Ruchika’s friendship exemplary. My words will never be enough how overwhelmed I am by Aradhna’s family’s and her own actions towards the entire incident. I have never had friends like Aradhna and I am sure not many of us do. In fact, I am not suere whether I have friends on whom I can depend on to that extent. Friends who would take care of my parents when I am away, forget standing by my side when need arises. I am not sure whether I can be such a friend myself.

Reading about Aradhna has made me realise that such friends are hard to come by. I wonder whether Ruchika when she lived ever realised the treasure that she possesses in the form of Aradhna. Friendship which remains as one of the most over-rated virtue only to be worshipped in Bollywood movies is probably defined by Aradhna’s actions. Whilst I was not surprised by the incidents and their fallouts, I was certainly surprised by Aradhna’s courage and commitment.

I wish her all courage and hope she is successful in the war that she is in. Perhaps this is where the myth called India lies wherein you have a dirty system and a great human being discussed in the same breath. I am sure much would be talked about her (good as well as bad) in the days to come especially as the case gets murkier. Her friendship will continue to inspire me. At least, I hope so it does.



  1. When I was a child, I was attracted towards onstage performances and wanted to perform myself. As I grew up, I realized that non-stage participants play a major role, only the final touches are added on stage. While the nation keenly watches on Rathore, Abha and the Gilgotra family, the person behind the curtains is a true friend. As you said, I am sure that in the coming days we might get to hear some controversial news given the enormity of the case. Sill its hearty to note that even death could not separate two friends.
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