Posted by: Tanmoy Chakrabarti | May 27, 2009


I was reading an anecdote how Prof. Spooner once entered his class to find a letter lying on his desk. Someone would have forgotten to post the same. A worried Spooner asked his boys, ” Who has pissed the most?” instead of “Who has missed the post?”.

This made me read a little about Spoonerism and it indeed is amusing.

The anecdote I referred to was discussed in Bangalnama by Tapanmohan Roychowdhury.



  1. I read the article. Hehe. Absent minded professor 🙂 I am currently in love with the word, oxymoron 😀 Dunno why…..hmmmm

  2. The brevity of your recent posts suggests you are busy. But that’s fine with me. There is much to read and life itself is brief.

    Here is an original Spoonerism. You won’t find it on the Net; I saw this slogan in Bengali with my own eyes on a wall in Calcutta.


    An annotation to tell you the whole story: In the seventies, no wall in Calcutta was free from political graffiti. It was risky to write Naxalite slogans in public places, and some boys were arrested or even shot at while they were writing slogans. Obviously, the writers of this slogan were in a hurry.

    Please keep writing (longer pieces).

  3. Now that was very new to me. I never knew it. But that is pretty amusing. I tried to do myself deliberately in a spontaneous manner. But that was difficult. This Spoonerism is a very strange thing.

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