Posted by: Tanmoy Chakrabarti | May 18, 2009


I am pleased with the results of the General elections in India and hope that the incoming government stays in power for the coming five years without many hassles. India’s progress is directly related to a government’s commitment towards honesty of purpose and bold reforms most suited for the country. Traditionally, Congress led governments have faced various criticism for indulgence in corruption, increasing country’s debt due to its populist policies, weak in face of security concerns and also encouraging ‘loyalists’ even if they are detrimental to the country. I hope these things change and the new coalition led by Congress party does not rest on their laurels.

We citizens of India are never very confident whenever we are in a situation while we are about to receive services from an elected government. We have felt time and again, that we have been let down despite the exoticism surrounding our democracy. This makes us generally sceptical and that is why the emotion of hope plays such a huge part in our lives. Perhaps that is why, I cannot really say (and very few can I am sure), we have chosen exactly what we needed. We certainly hope we have done so.

As far as my state, West Bengal is concerned, I am happy at least the people (after 30 long years) made a decision. As regards to the very popular saying – ‘what Bengal thinks to-day, India thinks tomorrow’, I was thinking the other day that Bengal probably stopped thinking after they were given this complement. Bengalis are known to be complacent.

I will continue to dread the alternative that Bengal has chosen for itself in the current General elections, but I am happy that at least people started voicing their protests through elections. This is the first step to initiate a process of reform.

This was not happening and that created a complacent and arrogant state government in Bengal. Undoubtedly, Bengal felt a dearth of options but then citizens never ensured that their mandate make the government work for their betterment. For anyone to perform well with honesty there should be some level of competition. Good thing about the current mandate is that it has shown that there is most certainly competition.

I am happy for that.

The ball now is on people’s court as they have made a choice. Their choice has to live up to their expectation. The onus now lies on the elected representatives who have got unprecedented mandate to uphold the faith that people have bestowed on them. The onus is also on the party who suffered since it has got a chance to redeem itself and wake up after a deep slumber. The jolt should help everyone.

Having said that, historically Indians (and of course Bengalis) to a great extent have been proven wrong time and again by its elected representatives. India and Bengal suffered the most because of that. However, as I said previously I hope things would be better.

Attached here is an interesting report on Bengal which you may read in your leisure.

Whosoever is in power, I hope the country grows, the state grows. For that not just elected representatives but people have to change their thought process and of course work culture too.



  1. I am keeping my fingers crossed, Tanmoy. It’s only hoping against hope that keeps the likes of us going!

    Take a peek at my recent (related) blogpost.

  2. This was my first time voting and am so proud of my ink mark 🙂 I am only just keenly beginning to follow politics and with whatever I do know, I think the present elected government is a good choice. I do not know much about WB and Kerala except that they have been LEFT strong holds and this election was a turning point, I think the lack of investment opportunities in Kerala and the Nandigram incident might have attributed to this change. As for my own state……well…..where do I start :-/ I have another post up, I suddenly find myself brimming with enthusiasm to write, but as always it’s only fun stuff 🙂

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