Posted by: Tanmoy Chakrabarti | May 2, 2009

Shot from the top

I am not the best photographer around and neither do I aspire to become one. However, at times you see such beautiful scenes and that too so easily that you cannot help but use your camera. That is the only way perhaps I can share the beauty that I see, with some people back home.

These days we are in the beginning of the winter season. That essentially mean that brighter sunny days are over for sometime now and we are getting accustomed to rains. In order to thus enjoy the cloud free atmosphere, we have to look at the photographs that we have taken.

I reckon the best ever air travel that I did was between Kolkata and Bhutan. I wonder whether anywhere in the world the aircraft can take you so close to the mountains and that too mountain ranges such as Everest and Kanchenjunga. I took some pictures from our aircraft that time too. However, the pictures never reflected what we actually saw.

In New Zealand too whenever I have traveled by air, I try to use my camera. I like doing that because the landscape in New Zealand changes far too often. If one is lucky not to have cloud cover, one can see a beautiful mix of blue, green and white.

Here I post some such pictures that I took when we traveled from Auckland to Christchurch. As I said, neither I am a good photographer nor do I have a great camera but still I want to share my excitement when we were on the aircraft.

Approaching South Island

Approaching South Island

As one crosses New Zealand’s North Island and enters into the Southern territory, one is greeted with mountain ranges. These are called the Southern Alps.

I guess this the way how river meets the ocean

I guess this the way how river meets the ocean

The above was taken when we were just leaving Christchurch.

Auckland city

Auckland city

Auckland of course is far more crowded than Christchurch is. In the above picture you can actually see the Sky Tower of Auckland.

I like the following two pictures a lot. Somehow they define how New Zealand is. Though it is not the best taken shot but somehow my intention was to capture the blend of green, blue and white. I wish my camera could be like my eyes. However, it is just a man made gadget.

From the aircraft

From the aircraft

This looks like a Map

This looks like a Map


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