Posted by: Tanmoy Chakrabarti | April 9, 2009

Easter Break

The much needed Easter break is coming up. It is all the more pleasing because unlike in India, here we don’t have too many public holidays when the offices are closed. Therefore, one should make the most of it. Surprisingly, when the public holidays are announced in New Zealand, it is always ensured that the holiday is generally either on a Friday or a Monday. I don’t know if it is true for most countries but certainly that is not the case in India. In India though there are far more public holidays thanks to our religious festivals but I don’t think one can do much on a mid-week holiday break. More so, not always it is easy getting a leave for pleasure break sanctioned from Indian offices. Yes, I know all offices in India vouch on work-life balance!
In New Zealand, public holidays on Friday or Mondays enable people to plan their holidays effectively. It gives one to have an extended weekend either for resting or for having activities. I quite like this approach since I have hardly ever got opportunity to travel (or plan holidays) after I got started with my profession. Increasingly offices in India are taking away most part of our lives. This was certainly not the case, when my father was working because I remember we were quite regularly travelling to different places when I was a child. My parents never bothered that a seven day trip would make me score few marks less in a school test. I am thankful to them for that.

However, as soon as I started working, I don’t remember occasions when I took leave purely for pleasure. In New Zealand, I want to utilise my breaks effectively since none pushes me to work during the assigned breaks.

Life can never be free from challenges and thus we cannot say all is hunky-dory out here for us. Despite that it is nice to spent quality time together. During the Easter weekend we shall be off to Christchurch. They say that New Zealand’s South Island is one of the most beautiful places in the world. I intend to make a big trip further South at a later date, but for the time being I am happy to have planned it till Christchurch. There should be a start somewhere for bright things to come in future, isn’t it? Even this would not have been possible, if we would not have travelled to Coromandel and Tongariro earlier this year. Somehow travelling to those two places broke our shackles a bit which were put some eight years back. Especially, Tongariro has given us lot of enthusiasm.

I have heard from many of my Kiwi friends that Christchurch is the best looking city in New Zealand. I am sure we shall enjoy being there. We would also be making some day trips around Christchurch. I am especially interested to see the whales on the Pacific. I hope we can see them because we have high hopes from that particular part of our tour.

It has become a bit chilly and Christchurch is cooler than Auckland is. Thus, for the first time I have a woollen cap (I will call it ‘half-monkey cap’) and gloves in my case. I have also bough a 1GB memory card for my camera because after coming here I see the 128 MB seem quite less. I am excited with this break and hope to return with good travel stories to share.



  1. I will be eagerly waiting to know about Christchurch once you are back. I love travelling. But I do not have the scope to go out for travelling as my parents love relaxing at home. So I travel across the globe through the words written by people and through the pictures taken by them. I just love words and pictures.

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