Posted by: Tanmoy Chakrabarti | March 8, 2009


Sailing Boat - Tourists during Auckland Sails Festival

Sailing Boat - During Auckland Sails Festival

During most weekday evenings and certainly on weekends we take a walk down the Auckland Harbour. Normally, coffee or ice creams give us company to witness not only the beautiful water, the islands on the sea but also lot of ships and sailing boats. Auckland is fondly called the city of sails. During summer (which has officially ended it Auckland), the harbour is full of sailing boats. In some way, the rich here do love owning boats which is evident from the popularity of sailing and canoeing.

Auckland hosts numerous ocean liners too. While in the cargo dockyard of the harbor one can see cargo ships, but huge passenger ships can be seen too.

Queen Mary -2

Queen Mary -2

Recently Queen Mary 2 was here for a day.

This one is the world’s largest ocean liner and one of the most famous cruise ships in the world.

It is so big that it docked in the cargo ship dockyard as opposed to where we generally find normal passenger ships. Though we were obviously not allowed to get inside the ship, but we could watch the ship from outside. Of course, you cannot really gauge what lies inside the ship which I am told beats the best of luxury hotels but even the exterior was quite intimidating.

When it left Auckland late evening that day we could hear the trumpet like horn from our apartment.

We often board ferries for traveling around Auckland. Whenever a big ocean liner passes the ferry, it makes everyone on the relatively smaller ferry excited. While I don’t think I would really enjoy being on a lengthy cruise, but the ships certainly look very attractive indeed.

Ocean Liner

Ocean Liner

Since, water bodies are such an integral part of New Zealand’s geography, you better love water if you are here.



  1. wow. that was cool- i mean the sailing boat. hehe
    is the water being contaminated?
    i’m just a random passerby 🙂

  2. I love watching harbours and ships of all kinds sailing by. I too won’t, I think, enjoy a long cruise, however luxurious it might be, though: I’d probably get claustrophobic. But you saw the QM2 with your own eyes – I envy you! I used to be fascinated by ships and aeroplanes all through my boyhood, and even now it thrills me to watch the kind of show they put up on Discovery Channel now and then, like how the QM2 was built…

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