Posted by: Tanmoy Chakrabarti | March 8, 2009

Chess Player

Chess player

Chess player

This weekend we met an unique girl who was trying to collect donations for an ailing patient. In doing that, she is inviting people for a three-minute game of chess. I saw three games and I must say I have never seen chess played faster than that.

It is not that she is winning all the time because I saw one tourist beat her in a delightful game.

It was entertainment worth donating money for.

Girl with her flute

Girl with her flute

Over the weekend on Downtown Auckland street, we meet a lot of people who are out to earn money. Need for money, make people do things that they don’t even imagine during normal course of their lives. While numerous street musicians are common playing saxophone, electric guitar, flutes etc there are some unique people too. For example, we regularly meet a man who stands as a statue on the pavement attracting considerable attention.

Sometimes one gets to meet even bunch of children trying to sing a song, hoping to get rewarded so that they can buy a new dress or may go to some World Cheerleader Contest.

PS: Interesting database of happiness which you can browse. Surprisingly, this database does not feature Bhutan which was ranked by Business Week as Asia’s happiest nation in their 2006 rankings. I know these rankings don’t matter much but I am proud to have visited Bhutan and seen happiness in the midst of poverty.



  1. How earnest and imaginative some people can be! I wish we had more people of the same sort in India…

    As for happiness, I’m sure now (see the post called ‘Whither happiness’ on my blog) that unless you are living in extreme poverty, fear, daily humiliation or ill health, how much happiness you get depends on how much of it you can extract from life through your own active and imaginative effort. I’m sure that both the two young ladies featured in your photos are much happier than most well-off people I meet.

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