Posted by: Tanmoy Chakrabarti | February 9, 2009

Nature’s Fury

Further to my earlier post we have successfully managed to trek 19.4 kilometres on the volcanic terrains of Tongariro National Park. We climbed around 1950 meters and it took us around 7.5 hours to complete the trek. Thankfully, we did not encounter any rough weather and though we still carry some stiff muscles, we are feeling proud. I did not realise within our frail constitutions we house such stamina which we never put to test.

While it was breathtaking to say the least to be around so many active volcanic craters but it was scary too. The fury of nature is terrible when it is in revengeful mode and the volcanic remains bear the witness. However, the entire New Zealand is created out of volcanic eruptions and even our local Albert Park is one such. I have started studying volcanoes, a bit more that what I was taught during my in class eight Geography class.

I have taken close to two hundred photographs of my trip and shall definitely come back with a detailed post very soon. Till then enjoy the header picture of one of the many crater lakes on top of the mountain. These crater lakes which look so calm can actually erupt any moment as was evident from the smoke coming out from near them.

Some of you may have heard about the terrible tragedy that happened in the state of Victoria in Australia. Victoria’s capital is Melbourne and apparently it is one of the driest parts in the world with little rainfall. The grass here is absolutely brown and is prone to catch fire. Authorities have stringent rules for usage of fire and water. Smokers are told not to throw cigarette butts on streets and people are requested not to waste water. Having said that, there are investigations being carried out now, as apparently this fire may have been caused by some traveler on the highway who just casually threw a cigarette butt outside his car window. These dry grass / bushes are indeed very prone to catching fire. It is difficult to believe isn’t it? It indeed can happen as smaller bushfires have been caused by such negligent people. Whenever someone amongst us play with nature that disregard can lead up to so much of destruction.



  1. Great to hear about Tongariro. I’ll be there in a few weeks. I’ll look forward to the photos.

    That’s really sad about the fire in Australia.

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