Posted by: Tanmoy Chakrabarti | January 12, 2009


In between our daily battles and frustrations we tend to overlook a long list of people who bring joy and glory to us. One such person has been musician A.R. Rahman. My heartiest congratulations to A.R.Rahman for winning the Golden Globe.

India has given birth to numerous musicians, writers and even reformers who deserved much more recognition than what they got in their lifetime. The magnitude of India, the self-obsessed society and its bureaucracy has repeatedly come as hurdles which creative Indians could not cross. Thankfully, Rahman was born in better times. He blend his creativity with mainstream and appealed to many.

It makes me feel good that he got recognized for his creation by working in India in Indian language. I wish we can retain Rahman’s talent and wish he gets more such successes.



  1. Slumdog is amazing. Have you watched it?

  2. He is one of the few remarkable Indians that we are proud of. But I believe that we have had Indians in our history that call for respect beyond words. And neither Rahman, nor Tansen, come anywhere near them. I hope you realise who are the ones I am talking about.

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