Posted by: Tanmoy Chakrabarti | January 11, 2009


After a long time, I found something sound on an Indian news website.

Terror-fighting classes for Bangalore

Cops train Pune citizens

Before we start finding faults with these initiatives, let’s ask ourselves again; Did we do anything ourselves to create any sort of social awareness?

If not, let’s do it before our friends, families are affected. Most of our siblings, children and friends stay away from us and we know they are mostly unaware of anything. Unless we care for others, none would care for our owns.



  1. A young woman called Sumitha Kurien, working in Bangalore, recently started an admirable blog,, with doing something useful in mind. She deserves support. Do visit the blog and see for yourself.

    Police-public cooperation is vital to dealing with terrorism. Unfortunately the long-accumulated baggage of distrust, apathy and mutual suspicion needs to be got rid of first, and precious little has been done about that yet. In our West Bengal, for instance, supposed to be very highly vulnerable to terrorism of various hues, not just the netas and the police but the public themselves seem to be blissfully unconcerned about the urgent need!

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