Posted by: Tanmoy Chakrabarti | January 1, 2009

Fairy Tale Home

Fairy tale home

Fairy tale home

When the cab driver was driving us from the airport for the first time, it was winter in Auckland. He showed us this particular house. That time this looked like a haunted house with worn out creepers all around. The driver though told us not to be mislead by its haunted look since this house shall look different during summer.

We believed him and were surprised to find many such houses around the city and suburb.

In summer, the house looks like straight from the fairy tales. I am waiting for these creepers to have flowers on them. Undoubtedly this looks like a romantic house but I wonder whether a person like me who hates insects can enjoy staying in such a place !

Whatever it may be, it is surely like Rapunzel’s home in Auckland downtown.



  1. What is the purpose of having creepers climb all around the walls of the house? Has this anything to do with environmental consciousness? Is this a kind of eco-conservation?

  2. I think this just makes the house look beautiful. Here trees are in abundance.

  3. Have you seen Ghajini? Do see it. You like movies. Right? I liked the movie. Some are saying that it is not a good movie. But I think it is really good.

    I am talking about movies here because in the last post you wrote about Amu.

  4. @Subhanjan – I watched Ghajini and did not like it. It resembled a Mithun movie to me. Do watch Memento if you can. It teases your brain and I am sure one has to watch it twice to understand. Even if Ghajini was not copied from Memento, I did not like it that much.

  5. Nice, pic. Wish I could see it for real 🙂 I bet you can climb up to the roof using those viens. Security risk in a place like India 🙂 See, what we Indians think 🙂

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