Posted by: Tanmoy Chakrabarti | December 27, 2008

Year of unmasking..

The year that is leaving us did not have the best mix of goods and bads. It was a disaster for many reasons. I realised that though we Indians are very good at wearing patriotism, family values, cultural integrity up our sleeves, we are tremendously narrow minded people. To find narrow mindedness, we don’t need to search a lot – our villains exists in our own selves, within our homes and families.

I hated our current state most this time because sadly I could compare – everything from family values to patriotism. It makes me feel so bad that I feel ashamed at times. However, one has to sometime live with whatever one has got.

Let’s hope for better days to come. Let’s hope we don’t have ugliness exposed to us in brutal forms. Let’s hope we can have the courage to fight our enemies within and our families.

2008 was a year where many things / people were unmasked in front of me.

Good wishes to everyone – in good times to-day’s majority would certainly pay a heavy price.


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