Posted by: Tanmoy Chakrabarti | December 25, 2008


img_16635 Interesting signs which I keep on seeing while going to office. The first one is of a typical rubbish bag, used by City Council to dispose off rubbish off the streets.

img_17343 The second one is a pavement sign especially important during these vacation season. These are typically found near the pubs.

Since I am from India, I am very surprised about the cleanliness aspect of New Zealand.

It is summer time in New Zealand and people shall continue their vacation till second week of January. Some Kiwi’s feel sad that Christmas is in summer here but that does not seem to stop the frenzy surrounding it. While in India during festive season, the traders start doing more business often sacrificing their holidays, possibly because of the developed country status, this is not the case here. Christmas day meant most shops being closed other than the ones run by Asians belonging to different religion. The bus rides were free too.

Summer has brought lot of sunshine, beaches are much more lively and there are lot of flowers everywhere. I did not know that I would ever write a summer post in December

The header picture is of Albert Park, just beside our place.


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