Posted by: Tanmoy Chakrabarti | December 22, 2008


The Stroke Foundation of Bengal site seems to have escaped attention. Though I received some narration on Bengali ethos. I had to delete the narrations because they were from some disguised writer(s).

I wish people realise the focus that we need support for a particular cause. I am trying to get more information on the organisation from here but if you wish I have provided the email of the person who can help you best.

I think as regards to health issues we need to be self-sufficient and much more aware, which we have not been ever.

We have done enough ranting in defending / justifying / not accepting our wrongs, lets give ourselves a chance to redeem ourselves at least to participate in some worthy causes.

Everyday I wish each one of us look at our mirror and ask ourselves, our we doing everything right as human beings? Most Indians feel yes we are.

However, you would have the best dressed and well versed people making lives of their wives miserable for years, beating their own drums of (non)achievements, being narrow minded, recluse and regressive. How many of us are like that or how many of us seen such people whose homes are big messes being created by them?

To my mind most of us are not doing the right thing. We escape its realisation but while escaping we are harming our future generations who may have liked to be different than ourselves. Most people I see hate to see someone different emerging from their close quarters who may challenge their autocracy or dishonesty.

Anyway, as you get another chance to look at the above link, let me work on a new post on racism.



  1. Thank you, Tanmoy, for drawing attention to this site. My mother died of this, after suffering for two long years. I know how bad it is.

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