Posted by: Tanmoy Chakrabarti | December 18, 2008


The entire India and all of us couch potatoes have done enough ranting in the last few days blaming every public institute, sharing some ideas, having angry outbursts and accepting blames. However, I wonder though if we have undertaken any change in our lives.

Have we wondered how long we shall go on not reacting? Mere accepting that we are to be blamed and not doing anything about it, is useless.

There are many people though who are not like most of us. Can we at least support and publicise their efforts?

Here is an example of one such work by Stroke Foundation of Bengal. We as a family have decided to join this initiative and shall request you to join the same too.

It does not cost much to join them and my research, knowledge about them tells me, your money would not be misused. This organisation is reaching out to people below poverty levels and providing treatment.

I mentioned about the cost aspect, because everyday when I look around my home I see that I have got abundance of everything. When I realise so many people die in my state of stroke without even realising then I felt ashamed that while hearing the same I was wearing clothes and accessories which were worth much more than 3000 rupees.

While recently one of the “so-called” close relatives made me realise that he actually keeps a list of “apparent favours” he provides by ensuring that my parents are fine, I realised I am mostly been raised amidst fakes. This is one of my attempts in becoming “unlike” such people.

So, it would be good if you can let me know that you are joining them. Can you talk about them on your blogs and emails? I shall be relieved when I would see the miniscule number of readers who read my blog are actually like-minded individuals.

PS: Also can anyone of you please explain it to me, Indians especially Bengalis hope to be respected just because of their age or position, not because of their acts, behaviours or achievements?



  1. Dear Tanmoy,
    I have paid a quick visit to the Stroke Foundation website, and it goes without saying I am deeply interested – not least because I might be myself a stroke victim any time within the next ten years. How can I help, and how can I expect to be helped in my time of need? Do let me know here itself, so that many others may get to know. That website needs a lot of publicity. I am going to link it to my blog.

    The answer to your last question is very easy, though, alas, it will make millions of Bengalis very very angry. We are first brought up to be spineless and lazy nobodies because that way we can supposedly always ‘avoid trouble’; then when we are older, we can indulge our irrresistible urge to boss over people (‘shordari’) only by claiming superiority by virtue of age, because there’s no achieved virtue that we can boast of!… I have made myself very unpopular with lots of parents and teachers by constantly reminding hundreds of pupils that nobody deserves attention and obedience just because he or she is older. Lots of pupils, too, start disliking me as soon as I remind them that they are likely to become similar adults themselves – a fool when he grows old becomes an old fool! That is what I have written about in my latest blogpost, by the way. It’s good to know that some people still feel the way I do.

  2. Dear Suvroda

    As far as help regarding stroke foundation is concerned, you can first write to Dr. Dipes Mandal who is a well regarded nurosurgeon and founder of this institute. His email id is and his profile is on the website.

    You can provide reference of Mr. Satyadas Chakrabarti, who happens to be my father and one of the person actively involved with the organisation on a voluntary basis.

    There are ways where you can help.

    First, you can volunteer yourself by saying you would spread the message to people whom you know, so that there is an opportunity where these people can visit Durgapur and organise a camp for people – educated (if there are many) and also uneducated. None has to bear the costs or something but only they need some people to hear them out from all strata of society – even if that means you invite them to talk to your students. In Calcutta at least, my father is trying to organise certain camps in different apartment buildings.

    Apparently, as I hear the doctors here are building networks of other doctors who are like minded. So, in case some doctors in Durgapur you know would be interested (even if they are young people)

    Secondly, As far as help provided to you, which is a practical question – they shall come and teach you how can monitor whether you have signs of the disease (as according to them it is does not come suddenly as it is perceived to be). They would give you contact details of the best doctors in this regard we have currently in Kolkata, so that in case of emergency you can call them. I have met Dr. Mandal when he used to teach in Calcutta Medical College. I know about his credentials and can safely tell you, knowing him is a good thing.

    Thirdly, to start with you can do some bit of materialistic help. The form is available here –

    I am getting tremendous response from my office here in NZ and my father is getting responses from US and UK.

    I do believe in Bengal / India we can do a bit better.

    I shall forward your comment to my father so that he can personally get in touch with you and provide more informaton and introduce you to Dr. Mandal.



  3. Surprisingly, last three comments came from same IP address. How weird? I have put them under spam and deleted them, because I could trace the spam source. I am happy with less comments on my blog but not from people who don’t want to disclose their identity.

    Are we going ahead with Stroke Foundation or people are too preoccupied?

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