Posted by: Tanmoy Chakrabarti | December 2, 2008


What are we expected to do after reading this news report ?

Vote for yet another change because we are in a democracy?

People in India have generally been reluctant to send their children for armed forces, police forces or any kind of community services. This apathy makes us correctly blame the parents in turning their children into cowards with little confidence. Is that criticism always deserving? I wonder which parent would advise his child to join the Army when the job description also includes being body guards to such insensitive politicians.

I know emotions are currently running high, but it is atrocious that we are governed by absolutely uncivilized people. It is so difficult to admit and accept.

Anyone who perceives to powerful in India, seem to get away by doing anything. The definition of power is either weapon, wealth and a political identity.

We need to mobilize media to support common people, but will the media venture into something that may not be profitable in the shorter run? I am still planning to write to some of the prominent editors, even if they don’t respond to me and even if I am all alone.



  1. In any civilised country, an immediate and massive public hue and cry would have ensured not merely the removal of that cad from the CM’s chair, but ended his political career. One more proof of what I have been saying all my life: there are far too few decent and bold people in India to call it a civilised country!

  2. Yes, the onus is certainly on us to be civilized. As I am growing up, I am realizing that how uncivilized we are and I am ashamed. This is particularly true in apparent poorer countries in Asia, Latin America and Africa.

    We for long have accused developed countries to make us remain poor but then our governance system has ensured the same thing upon us. Wherever we have democracy, it is in reality a farce. Political establishment have ensured deliberate illiteracy (much like Hirok Rajar Deshe) and we are in a fool’s paradise.

    The ones who have made some wealth make a quick transition into the group that exploits power.

    Fortunately, we have at least some learned lot but then Indians are highly unorganized. Israel, China they do lot of atrocities but the might the non-resident Jews or Chinese can exercise in mobilizing US or Europe is unbelievable. A lot of Indians are representing UK parliament, a huge amount raised money for Obama’s campaign but none would come forward to help India.

    I think the days of Ghanashyamdas Birla or a Jamshed Tata is gone who despite being profit hungry had some social responsibilities. As far as politics goes, it is such an unimaginable mess where you have hardly any choice.

    What can be best done by us?

    I have signed an online petition letter to PM, even if it never goes to him.

    I am writing and have decided to write to as many so called “prominent people”.

    I don’t think I shall ever vote for anyone.

    At some point of time, some uprising is needed. In India may be that happened last during independence because they were NOT fighting for a chair. Once the chair looked imminent one came to know even glorified leaders had personal differences.

    It is astonishing that Indians are such disgustingly selfish a race in general. I wish we get someone from somewhere who can calm the spirit.

    Historically (as well as mythologically) we had someone emerge from crisis. I am “waiting for Godot”..don’t seem to find someone emerging within me..I am still trying

  3. By that shameful comment, not only has Mr. CM displayed a callous and egoistic nature that emerges from persons in powerful positions nowadays, he has also showed indirectly how much he cares for the common masses.He meant to say that only people of honour deserved his ‘high-profile’ visit. that too when they are the point of focus , while the others deserve a doggy mindset! These are the people we vote for!
    So far in my life, only once I had the privilege of participating in something big for a good cause-against reservation. My friends and I, accompanied by hundreds of others dedicated students of the ‘youth for equality’ group, had staged a procession from Calcutta medical college and held a blockade near C.R.avenue for about 6-7 hrs .We had ran for our life when the police with its traditional lathi charged at us when we tried to break the barricade. 1 person had suffered a head injury in the process and was sent to the hospital.We still stayed there throughout the day, only allowing ambulances, until in the evening police took strong action to clear out the people.I was awe-struck on watching so many students of reputed colleges handing themselves over to the police in protest and being frisked away in the police van.I and my friends did our best in creating awareness among the passer bys on the impact of more reservation in future if enforced.
    The outrage which had started all over the country had looked like yet another ‘protest gone in vain’ act in the beginning.But we were overjoyed when the govt came up with its revised plan of restricting people of the ‘creamy’ layer from enjoying the reservation benefits.But little did we know that this creamy layer bar would be raised to a ridiculous level of 4.5 lakhs p.a.! Yet another protest gone in vain. The incident showed the strength of unity among people when fighting for a common cause.It was only some cheap minority appeasement politics from people in power that let us down. But still it was a great lesson learnt! If atleast a thousand come up hands in hands from each state, I am sure more will follow, like I did on that day.
    I am very eager to know tanmoydaa about what you are planning to write and who are these prominent people.I will be very happy to play a small part, to bring in whatever change I can, as an individual.Whether we succeed or fail does’nt matter.The fact that we had atleast tried, will keep us in good stead forever!

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