Posted by: Tanmoy Chakrabarti | November 18, 2008

Not too wise similarities

In the last few months I have started reading a lot (something which I always enjoyed, but hardly ever got time once I left school). I am also meeting lot of people from different places – understanding their typical nature, learning about their customs and habit. Additionally, I have also been watching a variety of movies which are non-English and enabling me to understand ways that people live in different parts of the world.

While I agree there are certain human traits which are similar everywhere and it makes me hopeful that even India would possibly change for the better, I also feel that countries which has lagged behind in terms of economic progress could not really ensure social prosperity either. It should not be the case in an ideal situation but it indeed is the case as it seems practically these two things are directly proportional.

Secondly, it seems Asian traits are very similar. Most Asians are overawed by the West and thus have chosen to be unaware of their own cultures once they could adopt Western culture. Though, I must say, Asians in general have retained the ills that their cultures gave them which are sad. I believe Asia has tremendous potential and it is a myth that West dominated Asian cultures deliberately in the name of showing them the path of economic prosperity. It is perhaps Asia adopted West and wanted themselves to be dominated in their minds along with everything else.

Thirdly and to my mind most importantly, I feel saddened that almost every religion has been discriminating against women. One cannot attribute to any one religion. I do not know whether the degree of discrimination varies or not because to my mind it is absolutely insignificant. What matters is, women have always been chosen to follow the most stringent rules that religious texts documented. I wonder what the initial thought behind this was! Was it because males wanted women to be safer? If that is so, why none of the religion ensured women learn martial arts? I began to appreciate my knowledge about a certain part of North East India where they have a matriarchal society. Alas, I don’t remember which part.

The third learning particularly makes me feel ashamed. Every day when I walk on the streets and come across people from a certain section that makes the discrimination much more apparent than many others, I feel bad. I wonder why the man get to wear Armani jackets and jean, whereas his wife is totally covered in black! Again I must say, it is not particular to anyone religious customs, it is true for every religion. Most of us can recall some bit of such things even at our homes. It is just that we don’t accept it. Some of us have been privileged to have grandmothers who could rise beyond which was dished out them, but many of us were not that lucky either. I wish I could say sorry to all women who have been continually suffering because of customs.



  1. About the rest of your laments later, but in connection with your wishing to apologize to women, there’s a new post on my blog which might interest you and some others.

  2. this so called discrimination is so much embedded into a particular sect of women folk that they dare not to voice against it and leave it to fate.

  3. Issues on women rights, religious customs inflicted on women, geo-political factors and economic factors prohibiting, as well as, encouraging women, are issues that had been bothering me for quite a few years. This is simply to vast and too complicated an issue to develop certain views. For understanding the condition of women in different parts of the glob, I believe it is very essential to interact with women of different communities and religions of different geographical places. I have a very faint notion that maybe there are many women who really WANT to stay inside the Borkha. It is almost the same as women wanting to offer prayers at Sivaratri though many of them do not understand much of what they are doing, but consider it as a compulsory affair of women every year simply because their ancestors had done the same. There are women who really WANT to be dominated, slapped, and scolded. They want violent and dominating husbands. Such masochism is pretty common in Indian society. I have enquired about this personally and many girls have admitted that they DO want dominating husbands. This is surprising. But true. The opposite is also true. Many women want to be totally independent and do not bear any domination of men.

    Woman is a strange entity Tanmoyda. The more you try to understand them, you take a step forward to the chamber of a psychiatrist.

    I have a new picture at my blog. It is a natural portrait of my sister. I will be delighted to have your comment. I will also be glad if you add to my follower list.

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