Posted by: Tanmoy Chakrabarti | November 9, 2008


The intentions that involve any revolutionary movement for independence has been good. However, means have not always been right. At times may be while having good intentions, one could not foresee the consequences.

My confusion is should people such as Che, Castro or say a Subhash Bose should have been regarded as terrorists because they followed violent means? Subhash Bose for instance wanted Japanese and German support for India’s freedom movement to hurt the British.

Would it have been good for India, if we would have supported the Germans?

Is it not true that Gandhi’s mode though resulting in deaths, perhaps was most suited for India during that time?

What would a world choose to pacify the violent souls to-day?

Is war the only solution that is available to-day?

Can’t toothless bodies like UN be more powerful, to help us understand the difference between revolutionaries and terrorists?

Can’t documented history ever be honest information than biased opinions?

I have seen most general discussions on history that happens amongst youth are without any sort of concrete reading and that is why I avoid such discussions. Surprisingly, none would accept that I am not well read enough to form an opinion. However, discussions between well read individuals make me enlightened and give me hope for myself, my nation and the world at large.



  1. The only way to get rid of ur confusion is by looking at the real purpose behind the intentions of Subhash bose.Did he want to terrorise the british for his own pleasure? did he have vested interests in doing so? of course no! He wanted to do so for the benefit of his own people.Thats the way he believed it to be done.By teaching them the intended lesson in the battleground instead of round table conversation which was resorted to by gandhiji.The intentions from both sides were unselfish.
    But the way we have handled the principles ourselves has maligned the actual way.we resort to violent ways when things can be managed without any roughness.Instead when the time calls for much strong measures, we tread the cautious path,the way of ahndling the terrorist attacks here in india is a good example of that.For that reason may be i have supported bush sometimes in his war against terror.its another matter that the real agenda is even bigger.
    Whatever be it, yes we do need more institutions like UN to resolve our differences,to differentiate between right and wrong. And for that we do need to engage ourselves more in our political scenario than just merely throwing our useless negative comments about it in closed corriders!

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