Posted by: Tanmoy Chakrabarti | November 4, 2008


I feel India’s biggest strength is its experiment with a form of democracy that unites a billion or more people with different customs, religions and languages. India is quite successful in that despite incidents of regionalism, riots, parochialism. At least Indians are talking about it, if not anything else.

While criticizing, I tend to forget this strength ample times and I feel I am guilty. Yes, other than cricket perhaps we hardly have any apparent uniting factor these days but when I hear good things said about India and Indians about people who have travelled to the country, it fills my heart with immense pride.

There are loads of areas where we can be better. Perhaps to start with India can do away with class distinctions in every sphere of its lives – classes in societies, offices, colonies, roads are pathetic or may be Indians can be a lot cleaner.

There are many such issues which has been tarnishing us but despite that we should remember one thing I guess it is we the citizens on whom the responsibility lies. Problem is, as soon as we realise the pride of being Indians we realise lawlessness, disregard for people whom we perceive to be inferior to us, lack of cleanliness, dishonesty, laziness and ignorance is our birthright. I hope that is not the case with me and the people I interact with.


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