Posted by: Tanmoy Chakrabarti | October 23, 2008

Is this openness

Here people are quite open to the fact that they share an apartment with a completely unknown person. This they do to save on money spent and also for company. It doesn’t matter what age the person or the flatmate is, what gender or even sexual preferences.

This is quite unlike Indian mindset, I must say. As far as I am concerned, I hated the time when I used to share a washroom with hundred other people in the university and I could not even stay for more than three months in an apartment with a friend in Delhi. During that time, it was not that I had lot of money or I did not mind company but still the thought did not occur to me to share a flat with complete strangers. I only thought of the negative aspects of staying and the brief experiences that I mentioned only negativity crept in. Thus, I ended up being alone, in my own way till the time I had official company of my wife.

To me, I would say this openness of about sharing an apartment here is quite unique.

Should I put in deeper thoughts on why this openness is seen here or whether we Indians save money in different ways not perhaps sharing apartments?

May be someone can enlighten me.


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