Posted by: Tanmoy Chakrabarti | October 21, 2008

Office window

From my workstation in office, through a big window that overlooks the harbour I can see a huge ocean liner moving slowly. Since there are so many skyscrapers around, the view of magnificent liner seemed to jostle for space in between. As I write this single sentence it seems to have passed, and have reminded me that it is time concentrate on work. The view is beautiful and as the brighter portions of the day increases, more and more boats can be seen on the harbour. It is indeed pleasant viewing them which justifies Auckland’s name as the ‘city of sails’.

I wonder why I haven’t ever spent so much time at Babughat or Outrum at Kolkata. I always felt those places were not very safe whenever I visited them. Mind you, I always enjoyed the ferry ride from Howrah Station to Babughat. I was a frequent traveller when I was in my college in Kolkata and my parents were in Durgapur. Though, I was always pained by the dirt that has accumulated in River Ganga.

The header picture is taken by me. These are the lampposts at the Viaduct Harbour, Auckland. The picture on the post is of an ocean liner, the likes of which can be seen on the Viaduct.



  1. Very nice picture! Specially like the one in the header 🙂
    It must be nice to have such soothing sights to turn to when you want to take a break from the computer screen. Badhiya hai!

  2. it distracting too..:). I try to change the header picture now and then that is why since one till now has large number to shoot.

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