Posted by: Tanmoy Chakrabarti | October 14, 2008

Are we hypocrites?

Recent attacks on Christian minorities in India have again questioned India’s claim of secularism.


Question is whether a secular India is an over-rated concept and is merely a term used to give India a particular political identity? Question also is, whether these kind of communal tensions always prevailed in India and there haven’t been any successful burial of it? Lastly, question is whether every Indian at heart is parochial in terms of his region, his religion, mistaking it as his or her pride and with slightest provocation the parochialism transforms into an outburst – either as an argument in urban societies or as violence in rural areas.


I wonder how long this shall continue or whether we shall ever be able to free ourselves from the disregard we nurture about each other. I believe the ailment exists in most of us – at least every individual I have come across (though I would say some I have met are fighting hard to free themselves from this illness though they don’t accept that).


It is high time perhaps where we need to have some serious self-introspection, where we ask ourselves whether we really dislike something because it is different from ours or what we want it to be? Whether we categories and attribute errands that essentially all human beings need to perform as to some class or gender of people? Are we really as open minded as we would like to think of ourselves to be in terms of tolerating aberrations? Where probably we would attribute ourselves to be hypocrites?


I believe those of us who are privileged enough to get best education available in the country are best suited to make this effort.


If each individual finds and knows the answer to the last question that I have posed and cease to be like that I am sure many of our problems would be solved.


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