Posted by: Tanmoy Chakrabarti | September 26, 2008


I would like to offer a public apology that despite being born and raised in Bengal, I have not been able to make any significant contribution to my home state in the last thirty years. I am really sorry and whenever I think about that I feel helpless.

However, I have been punished for that and its effect shall last throughout my lifetime.
In the last thirty years, there has been significant flight of capital from the state, the education institutes that Bengal took pride in have degraded considerably, we have not allowed another IIT to be built here either for professional developments, our infrastructure has remained at abysmal levels, moviemakers and theatre artistes have become mere mute objects of décor, literary activities in the state has generally taken a pause compared to what it was historically, we have lost out on retaining our football glories, even in cricket the stadium of Eden Gardens have turned into a nuisance because of lack of proper arrangement for spectators and in turn most of the people who hope to earn and live a humanly life have left the state.

If that was not punishment enough then we have erected a state political machinery comprising of egoist, petty and selfish people who have ensured people who have move out, don’t even feel like returning home.

I don’t want to make any political point here but it is true that the Singur fiasco for whatever reasons it happened have tarnished Bengal image in such a manner that the state’s development would really be a miracle if it happens in my lifetime.

We, the people from Bengal still hail our heroes as Tagore and Ray but the world has moved far ahead of us and they have forgotten not only them but we have failed to produce anything worth mentioning following the footsteps of those great minds. It is a sad truth that we hardly are represented as a state where everyone hopes to visit at least once in his or her lifetime.

Yes, I am sorry but I have always remained a political hostage in my country / state and that may be a lame excuse but it is a truth.

Like most of India, Bengal politics have been plagued with mediocrity and when mediocrity is coupled with half baked knowledge, what we get is what we have to-day! We never had a politician who could be a statesman – who even intended to be one.

Of course, like many I would also find some small things to hold high my head but I wonder for how long because whenever I am asked about my state I hardly have anything to speak of other than its past.

Can anyone let me know what should I say about Bengal to my friends out here?

If this is a transitory phase for Bengal then it is very painful for people like us we are caught in between. The worst is yet to come that means.

I feel angry, frustrated, cheated and scared.


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